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I am a working mom with two children. It has been extremely hard for me to find a balance between healthy living and living on the go. Having not done any structured fitness training for more than 10 years, the one on one wellness program with Sharia gives me the motivation and commitment required to achieve my goals because she customizes it to fit my schedule. With my wellness program, I have learned a healthier way of living that is easy to put into my daily routine . --

T. Skrine

Hi, Sharia:

Personally, I'm very content with my decision.  I'm excited about the new opportunity, and I'm going into it with confidence and happiness.  Thank you for your help and time; our talks definitely gave me some insight when making my life's choices.  -Client

Sharia has been very supportive of my accomplishments.  She always had encouraging words to keep me going.  Today, I graduated from Everest College where I studied and received my Medical Assistant diploma.  Thank you, Sharia, for your encouraging words and support.
Corey C.
Norcross, GA

Hi, Sharia-

Some days are good and some days are bad but all in all I am learning to cope better with my situation and feel as though that muscle has gotten stronger.   I am my own mental Sherriff  as I do my best to guard my thoughts against defeat and negativity.

I’m starting to meditate which grounds me for the day.  Keeps me from pushing the panic button so frequently and I refer back to all the notes I took while meeting with you as a reminder of how to improve.

Thanks so much for asking the right questions and shining a light on undiscovered realizations.   Powerful! -Client

This woman is someone I feel very confident about cause I know when you are in session with her, it goes no further.  She does not beat you down with your problem.  She will say "Now let's find the solution and move on".  Most sessions you go to you feel worse than you did when you walk in cause they continue to talk about the problem.  Just beat you down, and still haven't resolved anything, not with Ms. Sharia.  This woman understand.  To understand one's situation you must have gone through it.  Ms. Sharia not only has book knowledge and degrees.  She has life experience of ups and downs we all go through, everyday situations.  So she say to me, you have to know the basics, research within your own life to overcome by telling your own story.  How I done it was with Ms. Sharia's help, she ease the pain by listening and together we found the solution with the Higher Power Help.  Thank you!


I truly began this life changing journey on Feb28, 2011 at 270lb's when I underwent gastric-bypass surgery. It was a start, but I also knew that the surgery was only a tool to get me where I need and wanted to be. After six weeks of recovery, I made the decision to get serious and down to business, with this weight loss and lifestyle change, and even though I have plenty of support, I needed more. I had been looking online for some personal trainers, and remembered that there was a gym right up the street from my house. I went in and met Zee(Sharia). She set up a time for a consultation and it was very thorough and got me even more excited about this process. After our conversation I decided I would get started right away. I mean what other trainer do you know that offers personal counseling sessions, a meal plan, and high impact workouts? Zee(Sharia) is more than a trainer she is a wellness coach, and she has truly been an encouragement as I begin this journey. The first day of training, I didn't think that I would go back, it was too hard, I thought, and didn't believe that I was ready, but as time went on, I started noticing small improvements and milestones. Movements and exercises I would have never thought of performing before I could now accomplish. Not only that I have lost a very healthy 13 pounds in this first month. I know everyday someone is telling me how much I have changed physically and how hard I must be working, but with out Zee's(Sharia) support and encouragement it wouldn't be possible, even those times, that I say no I won't do it, she keeps encouraging me and I accomplish all that she has set out for me to do. As I said before Zee(Sharia) is more than just a trainer and a coach, she is the complete package and I would not be where I am nor focused on where I want to be without her.

Thanks Zee(Sharia),
Kori P.

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